Monday, 16 July 2012

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Cee Cee James
Take a lifetime of heartache and loss starting at birth and gift it with a lyric writing style that is filled with an honesty so vulnerable that it catches the most hardened heart off guard, knocking that back with a shot of whiskey drenched vocals and a sweat dripping, take no prisoners performance, and you have one hell of a Blues Woman.
Dubbed the Vocal Volcano by Robert Horn from the Washington Blues Society, Cee Cee has been singing and writing songs for 20 years gathering up stellar reviews and awards from all three CD's she has released. "Spiritually Wet," her first pop/funk CD took home the Los Angeles Independent Artist Of The Year Award and the first cut was honored as one of the top 10 in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition before she put the project to rest in 2002 after some intense life changes and fell face down and Soul up into the Blues.
Cee Cee's second CD, "Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl," co-written with Rob “Slideboy” Andrews, Cee Cee's husband and Slide/Rhythm player, consists of eleven original songs that take the listener down Cee Cee's journey of loss, heartache and soul awakening.
The album was released on FWG Records in late 2008 and then picked up and re-released by Blue Skunk Music in February 2010, gaining worldwide press, distribution and radio play.
In May of 2010, FWG Records released Cee Cee’s live CD entitled "Seriously Raw - Live At Sunbanks," recorded at the Sunbanks Blues Festival. "Seriously Raw" contains a performance that as Bruce Edwards of writes, "My favourite live disc, not only of 2010, but maybe of the century so far!”
The album brought Cee Cee the Best Blues Songwriter Award and Best Blues Vocalist Nominee from the Washington Blues Society in 2010
Cee Cee’s next CD "Blood Red Blues", produced by the legendary Grammy Winning Jim Gaines, released on July 17, 2012 on FWG Records.
"Blood Red Blues" is Cee Cee’s forth and most exciting CD to date and contains twelve original Blues/Roots tunes, co-written with Rob ‘Slideboy’ Andrews. The CD starts out with the title track, where Cee Cee claims the wisdom of keeping her game in life clean, and ends with “I’m Takin' Mine” where she sings about her long journey paying hard dues. In between we find those diamonds in the form of creative, well crafted lyrics delivering messages about the beauty, healing power and depth of love.

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