Monday, 25 June 2012

Today's Playlist...

"Harmonica Stomp" - Sonny Terry
"Big Time" - International Blues Family
"Long Legged Woman" - Rick L. Blues
"Little Wing" - Stevie Ray Vaughan
"Cross And Evil Woman Blues" - Blind Gary Davis
"Oh Papa Blues" - Ma Rainey
"Playing With The Strings" - Lonnie Johnson
"Come On Boys, Let's Do The Messin' Around" - Blind Blake
"Devil In You" - International Blues Family
"Blues Before Sunrise" - Charnley And Grimes
"Woo-Hoo" - Showaddywaddy
"Cavern Crawl" - International Blues Family
"Chiggers" - Seasick Steve
"I'd Rather Go Blind" - Rod Stewart
"Apartment #9 Blues" - Shurman
"Help Me" - Sandi Thom
"Cat's Squirrel" - Jethro Tull
"Blood Red Blues" - Cee Cee James
"Let The Spirit" - International Blues Family
"The Hoodoo Shake" - Some X 6 Band

Featured Artist: International Blues Family

A legendary guitarist and songwriter, Lightning Red has toured theworld performing songs from his numerous recordings. Lightning Red began his R&B musical training the age of three. Every Saturday night, while his parents danced, he would sit directly in front of the saxophone sections of Count Basie, Jimmy Dorsey, DukeEllington and many other big bands touring the military base circuit. Marveling at him, these iconic musicians would bring Red on stage between shows to noodle on the drums or bang on the piano. This inspired him to learn the piano at the age of five. By thirteen he had an electric guitar, and his band were winning talent contests within a few years. Towards the end of his teens, Red became a protege of Luther Allison in Chicago, where he soaked up the sounds of Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, Mike Bloomfield, B.B. King and other local blues legends. He started touring North America and, in 1976, Austin, Texas became his home and touring base. It was here that Red saw The Fabulous T-Birds, featuring Jimmy Vaughan, and met a struggling “Little” Stevie RayVaughan. LZ Love has an impressive list of artists that she has sung and toured with, including Joan Armatrading, James Brown and Luther Vandross, but she has returned to her blues roots to team up again with Lightning Red after they recorded the CD “Gut Bucket Blues” backin 2007. Their new CD, “International Blues Family” was recorded in Croatia and Germany, and is receiving accolades and airplay world-wide. The band are:
LZ Love – Vocals, Percussionist
Lightning Red – Vocals,
GuitarSonnyboy – Harmonica
Nerea Rudic – Bass
Tom Diewock - Drums

Monday, 18 June 2012

Barrelhouse Jukes Update

Last month we had Pete Latham and Andy Wooton of Barrelhouse Jukes live in the studio. Jen has been to see them twice this weekend and has an updated list of their gigs.

Fri 22nd June New Horseshoe, Church Lawton
Sat 30th June Blacks Head, Tean
Tue 3rd July Lift Off Festival, Northwich
Thu 12th July The Railway, Greenfield
Sat 14th July The Holy Inadequate, Etruria (12am)
Sat 21st July White Lion, Penkhull, Stoke (2pm)
Sat 21st July White Lion, Penkhull, Stoke (9pm)
Tue 24th The Glebe, Stoke
Fri 27th Nags Head, Crewe
Sat 4th August London Road Tavern, Newcastle
Sun 26th Aug Congleton Jazz & Blues Festival
Fri 31st Aug Freebird Freehouse, Newcastle
Sat 15th Sept Nags Head, Crewe
Sat 22nd Sept Greedy Pigs Bikers Rally, Shavington, Crewe
Thu 22nd Nov The Railway, Greenfield
Sat 15th Dec White Lion, Penkhull, Stoke

Today's Playlist...

"Diddie Wa Didie" - Blind Blake
"Highway Blues" - Savoy Brown
"I'm Not Ashamed" - Janiva Magness
"Hound Dog" - Duffy's Nucleus
"Long Tall Mama" - Big Bill Broonzy
"Little Monster" - Stringbean & The Stalkers
"Low Down Blues" - Whistler & His Jug Band
"She Caught The Katy" - The Blues Brothers
"Please Take Care" - Grainne Duffy
"Made Up My Mind" - Savoy Brown
"Smotherin' Me" - Imelda May
"Bonie Maronie/Tequila" - Dr. Feelgood
"Coming Down Your Way" - Savoy Brown
"Rock Island Line" - Leadbelly
"Untrue Blues" - Blind Boy Fuller
"Barrell House Jukes" - Pete Latham & Andy Wootton
"Mean Mistreatin' Mama" - Leroy Carr
"Catfish Blues" - Jimi Hendrix
"7 Comes 11" - U. P. Wilson
"Needle And Spoon" - Savoy Brown
"Juggernaut" - Jon Amor Blues Group

Featured Artist: Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown

Part of the late-'60s blues-rock movement, Britain's Savoy Brown never achieved as much success in their homeland as they did in America, where they promoted their albums with nonstop touring. The band was formed and led by guitarist Kim Simmonds whose dominating personality has led to myriad personnel changes; the original lineup included singer Bryce Portius, keyboardist Bob Hall, guitarist Martin Stone, bassist Ray Chappell, and drummer Leo Manning.
This lineup appeared on the band's 1967 debut, “Shake Down”, a collection of blues covers.
Seeking a different approach, Simmonds dissolved the group and brought in guitarist Dave Peverett, bassist Rivers Jobe, drummer Roger Earl, and singer Chris Youlden, who gave them a distinctive frontman with his vocal abilities, bowler hat, and monocle.
With perhaps its strongest lineup, Savoy Brown quickly made a name for itself, now recording originals like "Train to Nowhere" as well. However, Youlden left the band in 1970 following “Raw Sienna”, and shortly thereafter, Peverett, Earl, and new bassist Tony Stevens departed to form Foghat, continuing the pattern of consistent membership turnover.
Simmonds collected yet another lineup and began a hectic tour of America, showcasing the group's now-refined bluesy boogie rock style, which dominated the rest of their albums. The group briefly broke up in 1973, but re-formed the following year.
Throughout the '80s and '90s Simmonds remained undeterred by a revolving-door membership and continued to tour and record. Their first album for the Blind Pig label, “Strange Dreams”, was released in 2003. “Steel” followed in 2007 from Panache Records.
While the band is still active today, touring the world and recording regularly, only Simmonds has stayed since the beginning.
Original member and harmonica player John O'Leary is still active on the British blues circuit with his band Sugarkane.
Another singer, Dave Walker, later joined Fleetwood Mac and Black Sabbath.
Their bassists included Andy Pyle, who played with Mick Abrahams from Jethro Tull in Blodwyn Pig then later with The Kinks and Gary Moore.
Andy Silvester had played with Wha-Koo and Chicken Shack.
Savoy Brown also provided an outlet for keyboardist and guitarist Paul Raymond, who later went on to join UFO.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Today's Playlist...

"Harmonica" - The Graham Bond Organisation
"After Midnight" - J.J. Cale
"Next To Nowhere" - Beth McKee
"Sweet Man Moses" - Jo Harman
"I Lost My Baby" - Lil Johnson
"Rolling The Dice" - Garron Frith
"Bring It On Home" - Hawkwind
"Jake Leg Blues" - Mississippi Sheiks
"Ain't Got No Home" - The Band
"I Got The Same Old Blues" - J.J. Cale
"Clap Your Hands" - The Reverand Peyton's Big Damn Band
The Easy Blues" - John Martyn "Midnight In Memphis" - J.J. Cale
"Right On Cue" - Al Wood & The Woodsmen
"Cuttin' Out" - John Lee Hooker
"Trying To Get To You" - Brooke Shive & The 45's
"Wild Pony" - Chris Rea
"Got To Go" - Asamu Johnson
"Last Bluesman Gone" - Anthony Gomes
"Unemployment" - J.J. Cale
"Same Old Train" - T-Model Ford

Featured Artist

JJ Cale (also J.J. Cale), born John Weldon Cale
December 5, 1938,
Shortly after he arrived in Los Angeles, in 1964, Cale began playing with Delaney & Bonnie. He only played with the duo for a brief time, beginning a solo career in 1965. That year, he cut the first version of "After Midnight," which would become his most famous song. Around 1966, Cale formed The Leathercoated Minds with songwriter Roger Tillison. The group released a psychedelic album called “A Trip Down Sunset Strip” the same year.
Deciding that he wouldn't be able to forge a career in Los Angeles, Cale returned to Tulsa in 1967. Upon his return, he set about playing local clubs. Within a year, he had recorded a set of demos, which were forwarded to Danny Cordell, who was founding a record label called Shelter with Leon Russell.
Shelter signed Cale in 1969. The following year, Eric Clapton recorded "After Midnight," taking it to the American Top 20 and thereby providing Cale with needed exposure and royalties.
In December 1971, Cale released his debut album, “Naturally”, on Shelter Records; the album featured the Top 40 hit "Crazy Mama," as well as a re-recorded version of "After Midnight," which nearly reached the Top 40, and "Call Me the Breeze," which Lynyrd Skynyrd later covered. Cale followed “Naturally” with “Really”, which featured the minor hit "Lies," later that same year.
Following the release of “Really” J.J. Cale adopted a slow work schedule, releasing an album every other year or so.
“Okie”, his third album, appeared in 1974. Two years later, he released “Troubadour” which yielded "Hey Baby," his last minor hit, as well as the original version of "Cocaine," a song that Clapton would later cover.
By this point, Cale had settled into a comfortable career as a cult artist and he rarely made any attempt to break into the mainstream. One more album on Shelter Records, “5”, appeared in 1979 and then he switched labels, signing with MCA in 1981. MCA only released one album (1981's “Shades”) and Cale moved to Mercury Records the following year, releasing “Grasshopper”.
In 1983, Cale released his eighth album, “8”. The album became his first not to chart. Following its release, Cale left Mercury and entered a long period of seclusion, reappearing in late 1990 with “Travel Log”, which was released on the British independent label Silvertone; the album appeared in America the following year.
“10” was released in 1992. The album failed to chart, but it re-established his power as a cult artist. He moved to the major label Virgin in 1994, releasing “Close To You” the same year. It was followed by “Guitae Man” in 1996.
Cale returned to recording in 2003, releasing “To Tulsa And Back” in 2004 on the Sanctuary label and “TheRoad To Escondido”, a collaborative effort with Clapton, in 2006 on Reprise.
“Roll On” appeared in 2009 on Rounder Records.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Today's Playlist...

Arlo Guthrie - "The Motorcycle Song" The Hamsters - "Only Slide I Ever Played On" Dr. Feelgood - "Lights Out" Peter Karp & Sue Foley - "We're Gonna Make It" Omar & The Howlers - "Let Me Hold You" Even Dozen Jug Band - "Take Your Fingers Off It"Lil' Ed And The Blues Imperials - "If You Were Mine" Jay Owens - "Wishing Well" Seasick Steve - "Chiggers" J.J. Cale - "Anyway The Wind Blows" Sherman Robertson - "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind" The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - "Hole In Her Stocking"Marc Benno - "Love Junkie" Bessie Smith - "Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out" Grainne Duffy - "In My Arms" Little Brother Montgomery - "The First Time I Met The Blues"Status Quo - "Lazy Poker Blues" Isaac Scott - "Help" The Super Super Blues Band - "The Red Rooster"

A Monday Morning Jam!

No featured Artist this week, well in a way I suppose there is. We are going to have a jam session live. Kev is playing slide guitar, and Jen is on bass.

Kev is making his debut on slide guitar today, normally he plays bass in The Mad Dog Davies Band. Jen's instrument of choice is bass, but has not played in a looong while, and is a bit nervous.